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Mac Repairs

As a Taunton Mac Repair shop providing low-level board level repairs and having an abundance of original parts, our repairs are the fraction of the price of an Apple Estimate.

We deal with everything from thermal re-pasting, to SSD upgrades (where possible), display replacement, liquid damage and spill logic board repair and graphics card GPU repair.


Denis personally deals with any software related issues your Mac may have whether it is just running slow, an app not working or you've forgotten a password.


Mac Data Recovery is also available.

Open underside of a Mac

Comprehensive Apple Mac Repairs

There is a free inspection with all repairs and we will inform you of the price and advise if cost effective so you can decide.

Postage / Mail-In Service is available although of-course a return postage fee will apply, usually under £12.99.

  • Mac Logic Board Repair

  • Mac Logic Board Replacement

  • Mac Water Damage Repair

  • Mac Keyboard Replacement

  • Mac Screen Replacement

  • Mac Battery Replacement

  • Mac SSD Upgrades (where possible)

  • Dead Mac Repair

  • Mac Data Recovery

  • Mac Data Transfer

  • Mac Email Problems

  • Mac Software Upgrades

  • Mac Bootcamp (where possible)

  • Mac Flex Cable Repair

  • iMac Power Supply Repair

  • Mac EFI Chip Replacement

  • Mac Password Recovery

  • Mac Data Transfer

Diagnosing an 16-inch Macbook Pro Logic Board With A Multimeter

Apple Mac Repair Services Based in Taunton, Somerset.

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